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Specops's success is in direct relation to the commitment, expertise and knowledge that our leadership team brings to its work.

Our skills spring from broad experience and a diversity of backgrounds, which means fresh and varied perspectives managing our corporate directives. 

Mr. Daley “Tom” Coulter, Co-Founder, Chairman

Mr. Coulter spent 27 years as a US Navy SEAL, retiring as a Commander and is widely considered one of the leading technology security individuals in the world.  He consults for DOE and Homeland Security pursuing the components for dirty nuclear bombs and other WMD worldwide.  He retired as Chief of Staff, Naval Special Warfare, Group 2, the East Coast Command for SEAL Teams 2,4,8,and 10 and started the high tech procurement arm for Naval Special Warfare. His other postings included Commanding Officer for Seal Team Three, which covered Southwest Asia. He was also involved in the training of more than 7,000 foreign Special Forces operators and more than 70% of today’s top SEAL team commanders.

Mr. Adrian Garulay, Co-Founder. President/ CEO

Mr. Garulay’s has been tasked to run the day to day operations of the company and produce the expectations for our stockholders. His experience stems from 30 years of management experience in fortune 500 companies and high technology  start-up ventures.  A  seasoned  high-level executive with consulting experience in both large corporations and start-up/early stage companies. Mr. Garulay has been an active consultant to various Federal Agencies, including Office of Naval Intelligence, Dept. of Defense, and NATO related governments. He served on various government committees that wrote some of the early standards for optical disc technology, multimedia and video.  Hands on operational experience with astute understanding of the leading-edge defense technologies, imaging, sensor control technologies, and audio/video security. An International Business Development Expert, with overseas living/working experience setting up sales and distribution channels across international environments.  In his prior career, Mr. Garulay has served as president and CEO of international companies and has served on several corporate boards.

Mr. George Locke COO

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Locke brings extensive experience in finance, leasing, cost analysis and an expert in service contracts to our company. Mr. Locke is also a US ARMY veteran having served with the 101st Airborne division. During Mr. Locke's time in the military, he was awarded the "Distinguished RIfleman's Badge" were only 8203 have been awarded since its inception 136 years ago. Mr. Locke was also honored with the U.S. "Presidents Hundred" award by being 0ne of the 100 best rifle marksman in the United States.

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