Making the world a safe and secure place is a complex, high-risk challenge. At SpecOps, our mission is to equip our customers with the tools required to protect their people, their property, and those who protect them.​


​SpecOps is a trusted provider of advanced portable microwave radar and see through wall radar systems, thermal and passive terahertz imaging, long-range and unattended covert perimeter security systems, integrated wearable tactical computer systems, and portable explosive materials detection systems-- for enterprises, military, special operations, government, law enforcement, first-responders, search and rescue teams, ports, borders, oil terminals, high-threat facilities, and critical infrastructure all over the world. 

Our products are patented and developed in partnership with the most technologically advanced labs and institutions on the planet, including:  National Aeronautics and Space Administration-NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory –JPL California Institute of Technology, and Department of Homeland Security-DHS.

SpecOps customers choose us because we offer the most advanced security technologies, superlative detection, maximum flexibility and performance in a variety of configurations—all built around C4ISR principles, designed to meet their real-world operational requirements, and tested in the field by military, government, and agency professionals.



SpecOps Group Inc. is headquartered in Sarasota, FL USA, with sales offices located in Singapore and Jordan . Our people are our credentials. SpecOps was co-founded by retired Navy Seal Commander Tom Coulter whose success as a Navy Seal relied upon mastery of situational awareness and preparedness. Our management team is comprised of highly-skilled and decorated ex-military, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals with more than a 180 years of combined special operations experience.