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Life Sign Detection System

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SPECOPS Group Launches The new MK4 Finder version

The Gold Standard for Search and Rescue and military Applications

       Key Features


  • Detects Heartbeat and Respiration

  • The system uses a camera targeting system that automatically switches between conventional optics and infrared for day and night operations

  • Detects life from a safe distance, keeping operators out of harms way

  • The MK4 is sealed in a water tight IP67 shock proof case

  • Operates on the most popular operating systems used today. Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS and Windows devices to name a few

  • A simple downloaded APP connects the user to the device

  • MK4 uses HCI “Human Interaction Concepts,” used in the aviation industry.

  • The Finder MK4 is also vehicle or ground robot mountable

  • Compact and Light weight at 8.3 ILBS.

  • 12 V Battery power source provides up to 12 hours of standby time and up to 150 scans with a full charge

  • Mil Spec

  • Military Approved ATA 300/ASTM D4169/ Mil-STD-A10F

  • See Spec for more details

  • All parts are Made in USA

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