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     Spec Ops Group is proud to offer the most robust and powerful product of our line, The X3 Finder. This highly advanced

and specialized device uses an impressive combination of cutting edge microwave technology, coupled with our proprietary software, in order to detect human life signs such as heart beat, respiration, and gross movement through physical barriers.

     This technology provides operators, law enforcement, military, and first responders with fast and accurate intel in real-time in the field. Whether being utilized to search for victims in a disaster site or track and apprehend suspects in the field, the X3 Finder has been tried and proven as a system capable of saving lives and protecting borders.

     The most recent iteration of The X3 Finder, the MkIIIc, has significant enhancements including, but not limited too, night vision and software/firmware update capabilities ensuring that existing units will be included in all future technological improvements.

     This impressive new piece of equipment is becoming a fast favorite of first responders around the globe and will soon be

a mainstay of military and law enforcement entities the world over.

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